Data Defender

There’s absolutely nothing more important to us than protecting your business. That starts with protecting your data.

The AZBS Data Defender Solution leverages top-of-the-line tools with features including:

  • On-premise hourly backups on a BDR
  • 256-bit Encryption offsite redundancy
  • Partial or Complete Point-in-time File Recovery
  • Virtual spinup for On-premise Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Offsite Disaster Recovery

Skip the tech - what does that all mean?

  • Hourly Backups: For 5 days, you have a backup taken every hour on a Backup Server AZBS prepares for you.
  • Encryption: When your data is copied offsite to our data center, it is heavily protected while it’s going over the internet.
  • File and Folder Restores: If you need 1 file from a specific day, an entire folder, or entire drive restored, we can do exactly that.
  • Virtual Spinup: If your actual server is down, and needs to be brought up in a disaster recovery scenario, it’s ready to go. We don’t need to build a whole server and put your files onto it before it’s ready for use.
  • Cloud Offsite Disaster Recovery: If your office were to experience a fire or flood, we can get you back up and running from your cloud backups.

Can you say with confidence that your data is protected? If your answer is no, the AZBS Data Defender Solution is what you need.

We protect your data. It’s what we do.


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